How the AED changed our industry


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How the AED changed our industry

The Automatic External Defibrillator is one technology that not only saves lives but has changed our culture. It broke down barriers between EMS and the Fire Service, creating new relationships and opportunities for widespread system improvement. I can't think of another example of a device that so dramatically changed our industry.

It pulled many fire departments under the umbrella of EMS medical oversight for the very first time. With new perspectives and greater confidence, many moved into delivering primary EMS. Today more than half of all ambulances carry FD markings, and I'm pretty sure we have, in part, the AED itself to thank for it.

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DAN SAID: "This basic, rugged AED proved that firefighters could treat cardiac arrest effectively."

I'm having a hard time with this statement because it seems to be the hub of Dan's argument that the AED brought Fire and EMS together.

The "basic, rugged AED" was still a "Push this button now" (whether it was verbal or by a signal is irrelevant); "Stand Clear!"; "Push that button now." Oh, I forgot, you either had to place the pads or place the paddles.

Please understand, I'm not dissing firemen, only what Dan's saying which is "Because firemen can follow three simple, foolproof directions, that means they can treat cardiac arrest effectively."

Sounds to me like that also qualifies a passerby at an airport who wishes to intubate after they've applied the AED.

And oversight of the use of an AED by firemen by EMS authorities means that now they will be oversighted in every other aspect of their delivery of care if they hadn't been already??

Based on logic alone, Dan's premise takes a nosedive.
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AED Rock Video..

Even back then.... This is going a bit too far for everyone's own good. There just has to be other aspects of this product that should be brought up in a "just present the facts" fashion.... sheesh!


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