Haven't been on in a while... so hi!!


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Hello everyone. Hope you all had a good or interesting Halloween weekend.

I am getting anxious about getting back into the EMS field again. Nervous because I am a little bit older than I was last time I did it. I am pushing 35 and as a woman, well... I don't know how that will be percieved. I still remember alot of the material, so I know that will help me in the long run. My boyfriend, who is going to go to the class with me is all excited about it.

Honestly, I really wanted to go to nursing school. I had been wanting to do it for many years, but just couldn't seem to find the opportunity. I always had to work full time to make ends meet, and no one offers any nursing classes in the evening. I am starting to look at the paramedic school here though. They do have ONE program here where I live that offers the medic school part time, and in the evenings. Granted, it will take longer. BUT I can still meet my financial obligations. I just wonder if I can handle it.

Anyways...any older folks out there have any advice? I live north of Sacramento.

Take care and have a great day!