First EMT job in IFT


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Hi everyone. I just got my first job as an EMT with a private ambulance company. It is IFT and I know a decent amount of information regarding the position but was hoping for some advice. I know that a lot of things depend on the specific company, but if anyone has any tips for a new EMT, they would be much appreciated :)


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Learn from every patient be observant just cause you're not running 911 or emergency shouldn't deter that at all. Make the best of your time. Have fun


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You will learn more about EMS doing IFT than 911: I did both for 8 years and I enjoyed it.
You will transport people who are unresponsive, and that is their normal state: people who are fun to talk to, people that will hit on you (sexually), 95 year old lady would try to grope all of the male EMT's who transported her.
You will learn a lot about medications and medical history and how they react together. I caught a few patients who were having a reaction to new medications and old ones. Find a app for your phone that will let you enter medications and tell you what the side effects are of the combinations of the medications: Enter the meds in order of how long they have been taking them, and watch the medical issues grow that they are having.

I loved doing out of town transports: based in Indianapolis I went to 13 states to pick up or drop off patients: it was great. I loved long distance transports. I went to every hospital in the state of Indiana, and probably every nursing home. I went to 50% or more of the hospitals in all the surrounding states. I went to every VA hospital in 12 states. I lived for long distance runs: Had a manager ask why I would do it, and I told her it was because there was no managers around (she was driving for me that day to Chicago) and I didn't have to deal with dispatch, lol).


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great way to get your feet wet. dont get jaded cause its just IFT despite it getting boring sometimes (most times)


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As an EMT, IFT really helped me with assessments and getting a flow down along with learning how to read charts/etc. It can become boring after awhile but really depends on where you work and if your doing ER trips or dialysis type runs.

As a medic, I worked IFT again for a bit to feel more secure in my skills/assessments which really helped. Now For past two years I’ve been at a pure 911 gig.

As for tips, treat every patient as if your there first medical contact. Do an assessment, take vitals, listen to lung sounds, read the charts and try to put together there medical conditions. You can learn something new on every call.