Ever concerned that you don't know enough?



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I have yet to start my job as a EMT-Basic. Sometimes I wonder if I will be prepared for every call, if I will know exactly what needs to be done without a doubt. I guess experience will only fix this. I mean I can have some hand in saving people, but most will need more care than I can give. If I can't get them to the hospital in time, meet with ALS on time, or make appropriate decisions then the patients under my care could suffer. This is why I feel I must strive to read as much and learn as much as I can. It is hard to do with another full-time job, I wish it paid enough so I could do it and nothing else.

Anatomy and physiology is very important, but so much information is given to you its hard to remember everything, months down the line. Knowing the information though could help you save someone, or at least know how bad of a shape they are in. Guess I just need to build my confidence up.
Well I got on part-time at the local ambulance station on a "as-needed" basis. Maybe I can work several days a month or more I hope. I am a bit nervous though, which I guess is normal. Worried will I do something wrong etc. I am confident about what I learned in class and clinicals but still worried. I will just manage the basics and let the rest roll down my back.