EMTs and Paramedics in the Hospitals


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@Bishop2047 , do Canadian medics have training with that kind of less acute care? Are they staffing these patients independently? I don't have any experience with Canadian training, but I would have been pretty out of my depth in an ED fast track back in the day. However, I know that the Canadian educational standards are more rigorous than they are here.
Perhaps a bit more in the initial training but realistically initial training is certainly more traditional EMS training. Most of us that work in the ER have to take band aid classes to supplement our lack of knowledge. Wound care, training on basic lab equipment, Urinary Cath placement (one skill I would gladly forego), and such.

In facility we do have a pretty decent scope, and is worded in a way that often allows for us to do anything the ordering physician wants.

You still certainly feel like a fish out of water, and the concept of EMS in hospitals is still a very new idea here.