EMT Wanted for CPR Training Videos


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Wasn't sure where to post this, since the Jobs area wouldn't let me post it there.

We are looking for an experienced EMT ideally with training experience and an up to date certification to produce CPR training videos

It will be a series of about 15 videos; each video ranges from 5 to 25 minutes or so in length.

We are based out of Seattle but we are willing to hire in other parts of the country. Experience is the main thing. If you don't have the ability to film the training itself we can try to find a local video producer.

We're looking at both local options and people in other parts of the country; the main thing is that you're a good instructor who can interact well on camera.

Please message me with your hourly rate, thank you.


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Hmmm i am experienced and i do believe my camera will suffice to do the videos at an acceptable quality (d7000) plus i have my own tripod and photog gear. But I'm down in Galveston.
Oh and I'm an aha cpr instructor