EMS crew caught sleeping in ambulance


Grumpy Badger
Alright, so that wasn't exactly a very responsible or informed piece of journalism. Clearly the guy is just another cell phone warrior with an ax to grind, and the reporter trying to get answers out of the fire dept which (judging by the video) is not tied to the ambulance service was a little silly. But could the whole thing have been avoided if the crew had just talked to the guy?

On several occasions I've had people wake us up from a nap in the rig, and they're usually either bemused or indignant that we're "sleeping on the job". Best way to handle these kinds of situations IMHO is to be conversational and address the perceived wrong right there on the spot. Introduce yourself and explain that; 1) you appreciate their concern, but you are between calls at the moment and taking a break, 2) you are always ready to respond as soon as a call is dropped on you, and 3) it is impossible to "sleep through a call" or miss a call because your radio and MDC will alert you when your unit is needed.

I find that taking this approach will soothe peoples' ruffled feathers and leave them more informed so that they won't bother you again in the future.


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I've been woken up several times by concerned citizens. Not so much that we were sleeping but in fear that we were dead. Yes, I work in the 'hood.

One time that sticks out in my mind was when our MDT went off with "Red Ambulance parked near a field for hours. Occupant slumped over the wheel." I took a picture of it for dexterity. I was so out of it that I was getting all set to respond when my partner was laughing hysterically. I still didn't get it until he said. "That's us!" Dispatch came across the radio and laughingly asked if we were ok.



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I can't sleep in the front of our rigs, not enough legroom in the E-350 (I'd like to shoot whomever engineered that cabin) front ends that we have and almost no ability to recline due to the box being right there. I also get vertigo if I try to sleep sitting upright. Hide in the back and pad the bench and stretcher and you're golden. You'd have to be touched to park in easy view while napping though...

Love the anecdote above me :)


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Wait what!!! People think I shouldn't sleep in the ambulance??? How else am I suppose to charged up my powers to blow stuff with my mind??