Drug Testing Before EMT-Basic Courses?


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OK off into the maryjane patch

A good article, not a professional journal though, about quality control and abuses for recreational marijuana. Indicates where medical marijuana has issues as well as others.:


Apparently there exists no national standard (USP) for marijuana as far as overall potency, preponderance of given chemical agents (psychoactive versus not-so psychoactive), consistency between crops, between brands, or even standards for number of insect parts or amount of pesticide acceptable . It was removed from the USP in 1941.

But of course it is all organic.


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I just took an EMS Medicolegal class, and at least in my current state (OH), EMS Providers are immune from legal suits provided that they are not willful or wanton in their disregard of the law.....
Ah, I see what you mean. I see I overshot your target; I apologize for my poorly conceived response.

Yes, in terms of official duties and protections therein of responders, there may be cause for throwing those protections out the window if one could allege that you were "high on the job."


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My EMT-B course involved a drug test before clinicals could begin. I assume it was related to hospital policy or liability.


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I am currently a student at the University of Massachusetts on the pre-med track, and plan on taking EMT-basic courses over the summer. I am in fantastic academic standing, volunteer in my free time, and already have a job working in the hospital in my hometown, so please don't give me the "smoking pot is for lazy idiots" speech. I have been diagnosed with depression (specifically dysthymia) and self medicate by smoking cannabis. Getting a medical marijuana card is not possible for my situation, as my doctor is only willing to provide anti-depressants which don't quite do the trick as well as pot. I'm aware that I will have to test prior to getting a job in the field, but am curious as to whether or not I should stop smoking prior to taking the COURSES (the other threads mainly discussed testing prior to a job). The courses will be taken in Massachusetts, if that makes any difference. There was already a similar thread posted, but it did not provide much help. Any insight into this topic would be much appreciated, thanks!
We were tested before classes started, class involved ride time and clinicals. Self medicating for any condition is stupid. With your self medicating you are basically treating depression with what is mostly a depressant, not a good medical practice.
I learned the trick about passing drug tests a long time ago, don't do drugs.


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Got about 3 weeks left of the semester for this EMT course. We were required to get a physical and make sure out immunizations were up to date, but there was no drug testing. I think it's cause I'm in CA and I know a few people in my class who wouldn't have passed:cool:


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I learned the trick about passing drug tests a long time ago, don't do drugs.
Glad somebody finally said it flat :p

As was said on the last page, it really doesn't matter (today) whether or not your state allows the use in any way. If the company or agency doesn't allow it, case closed.