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How many people work in a healthcare setting as one part of your job and EMS as the other...

Do you often see patients in the field and in the office? I work in Oncology and many times I get patients in the field and while taking a history I discover that they are seen at my other job by Doctors I work with.

Sometimes I feel compelled to say "Hey Doc, I rant into so and so....." but I dont because it is not germain to their treatment - or I guess more to the point I as an EMS provider and not part of their care team.

Anyone else have this happen?


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I worked as a phleb while working p/t on the ambulance for a bit, and I would occasionally see patients in the field that I had drawn from in the hospital. I would not alter my pt care at all, because most of the time they didn't recognize me anyways. In some cases it helped to know that so and so pt was just in the hospital a week ago for a certain condition, and now we are picking them up for similar S&S...might give you a little insight into what might be wrong and what your treatment should be.

As far as telling the docs at your office about seeing a pt in the field, I would say nothing at all, unless it is absolutely relevant to the patient care that will be rendered at your office. Treat it like any other HIPPA-ish deal, and err on the side of caution.

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I have a clinic for my primary job ( camp/ oil fields) . When I am home I pick up random 911 shifts. I have not had any overlap as I live on the east coast and my clinic is in northern Alberta. Saying that, there is a potential as there are a handful of locals that work out of the same camp.


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I started out working every other 24 hrs (minus a Kelly Day every other week) active USAF firegfighting and working my off days (8 hr day shifts) with a civilian mostly-IFT and standby company.

Later, was full-time student, new dad, Air Guard weekender AND worked two 16 hr shifts (Friday and Saturday PM-Nocs) with the 911-contracted ambulance company for Lincoln Neb each week.

Finally, still was weekend Guard (medical squadron) and worked in jail medicine.