Becoming licensed in Washington state

Loki Grim

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Hi everyone,

I just passed the NREMT exam a few days ago, now I'm just a little confused about the next step. Currently I'm living in California and I'm aware of how their system works, I would need a county and state card. I'm considering moving to Washington state where their system is a little more confusing to me. I've tried looking it up myself and it seems like I would need to take a nine hour course on blood borne pathogens and then get my state card there? I've also read that they don't really care so much about the NREMT so would I need to take some type of state test, also since I completed my course in California would I need to undergo a training program that is recognized by Washington state or is my certificate of completion from California good enough?

[Sorry about any grammar issues, I have delayed sleep phase disorder and the day is jusstarting for me at 7pm.]