Basic to Intermediate


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The NH technical college in Concord. I feel that is a way better school, they have awesome clincal agreements all over the northeast. As far as NEEMSI they have an agreement for college credit, they do not provide a college degree upon the testing out of the medic program.

NEEMSI doesn't provide the credit, it's done through a local college. Also, one of the NEEMSI instructors has a PhD in physiology. I don't know anything about the technical college in Concord, but I will say that I have a BS and an MS and found the education at NEEMSI to be quality.


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I realize the NEEMSI doesn't provide the credits, rather if i remember right granite state college grants the credit hours with an agreement between the two schools. As far as a PhD, really? I was unaware, thanks for the info. But to me the reality of this issue continues to revolve around the OP of wanting something to build up a resume. I also believe that NEEMSI is a good program for those that have field time as opposed to those that don't.