Audio Study Guide For NREMT- BASIC Exam!

rob the mexican medic

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My program is an audio study guide for passing the NREMT Exam at the EMT level. It is the equivalent of 8 30 minute CD's. Study while you drive,work out, etc.

It is For Sale Here :

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I aslo sell physical copies on Ebay....

From our customer Charmonique!

This audio series was amazing. I had a 3 hour commute to work each day and really didn't have much time to study for the NREMT the way I would have wanted. Robert's study guide made studying SO much easier and some of the stories he tells are unintentionally funny, which had me laughing while I studied. He also gave the most pertinent information needed for each section and as an added bonus, did practice questions, which really helped reinforce the concepts. I took the NREMT after using the audio series for approximately 6 weeks and passed on my first try. Thanks again, Robert!