At a crossroads. PM? RN? Both?


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Hi all,
I feel like I'm against a wall here, any advice would be much appreciated.
I took my EMT-B course in the spring of 2020, while I was still in high school. I passed the NREMT that summer. Due to a mix of circumstances (no driver's license, state cert issues, mental health, other classes, etc), I didn't start working until this year. I have been back and forth about whether I wanted to pursue nursing or EMS, and currently, I'm leaning more in the EMS direction. Right now, I'm working part-time IFTs while taking a CNA class, which is required by my school if I choose to start an RN/ADN program in the fall. As I mentioned, I would like to pursue my EMT-P, but I'm facing a number of logistical issues:
1. The only program within my city is very competitive and applications are already closed for the fall.
2. The programs in the suburbs would require a lengthy commute, and I don't have a car. The deadlines for application are soon as well.
3. Not in a position to move for school.
4. FAMILY APPROVAL ISSUES (If you know, you know.)
5. Not exactly related, but it seems like it would be a pain to find a good job, and the pay would be pretty bad.

Any thoughts about what I should do? It looks like "challenge" exams as a concept are not long for this world. Maybe the heat is getting to me today, but the situation I'm in feels pretty depressing, especially for how minute my problems really are.


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Maybe take a step back and consider the positives of your situation:

1. You're employed.
2. You have your EMT certification.
3. You're nationally registered.
4. You're working in an industry that's no worse than your second choice.
5. You're 19, with decades of opportunities ahead of you.

Take some time to deal with your health and family issues, knowing you're better off than many who've posted here.