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I would NEVER have an essay as part of an EMT class....NEVER.


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I am training officer for two departments... I have an arsonal of "favorite trainings " that stick with the Participants... I have one that I used in February for infection control ( just ahead of the COVID mess) it involved a "escape room" aspect where they had to figure out what the clues meant to a bunch of puzzles, work together to come up with the code to "crack the safe" which contained UV lights and another set of clues ( the UV flashlights revieled that they had contaminated themselves and spread contaminates all over the training room while they were solving the first round ( I put UV germ glow on all the items that they needed to use to solve the puzzles and they unknowingly contaminated everything... they then went down to the rest rooms to wash their hands properly to remove the Germ Glow.... and continued on to the next set of puzzles which were finger prints all over the outside and inside of the ambulance that they needed to find with UV lights... this proved a point and drove home the importance of hand hygeine and the spread of infectious material in a time when we needed the training most and didnt even know it . Hope that helps.. I have many more ideas.....


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I have my students do medication cards (o2, asa, benadryl, epi, narcan) as a few .. stuff they can carry or administer
i also have them write some out on standard meds, beta blockers and such

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Not an instructor here, but if I were I would be stressing the daylights out of thorough assessments. Big difference between NREMT assessments and what actually goes on at the scene. Real easy to find the pelvic fracture and miss the spot their head hit the asphalt. I agree on common meds though.


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Try hard to write a nice assignment as teachers check these assignments too carefully last period of time. As for me I wrote an assignment on the theme only I knew (I mean I decided to try to write an essay about my favorite game) but my teacher said it's too hard to write for an usual person. She said the things I wrote only players of that game may understand. However, I can't write essays in the other was, but I didn't want to get a bad mark. I turned to and as a result I got an essay that was written in simple words and concepts, so when the teacher read it once again she said:"Well, you see, you can do it whenever you want". THis way I saved my reputation, but it's disappointing when nobody understands you, when you have to write in the way other people understand...
was it difficult to write shorter and easier?
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