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Been a bit since I've been on here. Last time I was, I had posted a thread inquiring on additional material to utilize in order to test out for my CCP-C and TP-C. Was told it was pointless to have said cert because experience is what counted. Well, couple years later, I obtained one of said certs as well as a BSN and while I have (what I consider to be) intermediate experience in said levels of education (to include nursing), I'm now posting as an advocate for additional education rather than as a student of. Being a Practice Manager (Ops Director) for a local EMS Company, I can verify and reiterate that having education (and by extension certifications) will indeed set you apart from other providers (even if some may not agree). That being said, our school house offers a wide array of education. Everything from EMT-B school to nationally recognized CEU courses are taught at our facility. We also do registry skills and have established living accommodations for anyone looking to spend some time in San Antonio while working on their education. Please feel free to reach out at the contact info provided on the flyer. You can also find us on IG, and FB.

Appreciate the time.

Hope to hear from ya'll soon.

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