Anybody from Elko county Nevada ?


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I went down a rabbit hole and was looking at some of the most rural places in the United States. Elko county Nevada has an area of over 17,000 square miles. This is larger than the state of Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Hawaii, or Maryland. From searching it seems the population of this area is around 50,000. I’m curious how EMS care is provided to this huge area. How many providers, how many stations, trucks ect. How do responses work and how far is a normal transport. My nearest trauma center is 1-1.5 hours and it seems like that would be the response time to some of these remote locations.


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I’m curious how EMS care is provided to this huge area. How many providers, how many stations, trucks ect. How do responses work
Two stations, 2 ALS units at the main station, and 1 at a substation (collocated at a rural fire department), all staffed 24/7. a 3rd station is in the works.

How do responses work? someone calls 911, and the nearest ambulance goes. They have primary areas, but I'm sure you can have some extended responses, especially in the rural areas.


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Doesn't MedX have a ground ambulance out there?


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So: Elko County EMS is based out of Elko City, and they do IFT and 911. Elko City FD also transports. Elko city is the west end of Elko County. Elko City has a Small 15-20 bed ED, and 70 or so in patient rooms, and does Cardiac Caths and has decent Physc help.
MedX covers Wells Nevada with is approx. the middle of Elko county.
Wendover Ambulance is in West Wendover NV, on the East end of of Elko County, and on the Utah Nevada Border.

The other 2 I don't know much about Elko City/County or Wells. but I work Part Time in Wendover Ambulance.
Wendover City, Utah has a Volunteer FD, with 2 FF right now.
West Wendover City, NV has a combination FD paid FT, and Paid on call.
Neither FD has ambulances.
Wendover Ambulance responds approx. 30 miles west in Nevada (halfway to Wells), north to Idaho border. East they go 55 miles into Utah. South they go to White Pine County NV, line, approx. 40 miles. SE they go into Utah approx. 50 miles, and 30 miles of that is dirt road.
It is an ALS service with good protocols for Basics and A-EMT's, so/so for medics.

The closest hospital (only hospital in county) is in Elko at 110 miles from Wendover. Next closest is even a smaller hospital at 125 miles. Level II and I's are in Salt Lake County, Utah; and are approx. 135 miles.
Helicopters are 45-60 miles away, and can't fly approx. 25% of the time I call for them.