1. AlexTheChamberlain

    Phoenix Area Event Medic Jobs

    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about stand by gigs for paramedics in the Phoenix metro. Which companies pay good, which you should steer clear of, that type of thing.
  2. AlexTheChamberlain

    Arizona Certificate of Necessity

    To anyone working in Arizona, how exactly does the certificate of necessity work when there are multiple companies and agencies overlapping one area? Is there a primary agency, and the rest are backup? Or does one fire and one private ambulance show up, and fire only takes high acuity patients...
  3. E

    Phoenix AZ EMT's and medic

    BlastMedics wants you Apply now.. Tell CC that Don sent you. All EMT's/Paramedics in AZ. We are going to need you for sporting events in February and beginning of March. Contact us at Thank you 2/4/17 - 10 needed 2/7/17 - 1 needed 2/9/17 - 2 needed 2/11/17 - 4 needed...
  4. MorenaJune

    Best Ambulance Company to work for in Phoenix, AZ area?

    I'm moving to the Phoenix area soon and I'm trying to find out which companies to apply for. I'm trying to figure out which companies have the highest employee satisfaction. So far, I'm having trouble even finding ambulance companies in the area. The one's I have found are: Professional...