1. S

    Paramedic student, needing job ideas

    Hey everybody! I’m currently a paramedic student about to start my internship. I’m trying to relocate from California and I’m very open to any ideas in Oregon and Colorado. Possibly Washington as well. I’ve heard good things about UC Health, I’d love to know more about that general area too...
  2. thecyclist

    Paramedic in Oregon

    I finish paramedic school in May. I plan to move to Oregon when I get done because I'm single and think its beautiful there. I've been in EMS for 3 years now. I was wondering if anyone has heard of Pacific West Ambulance. It's in lincoln county by the coast. Also who does the 911 transport for...
  3. T

    EMT-B Edu in PDX, OR?

    Hey! I'm looking into EMT-B programs in the Portland metro area and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I've found several 6mo programs through various community colleges and one 3mo program through a place in Vancouver, WA called Northwest Regional Training Center. I've found no...
  4. W

    Portland Oregon Hospital Tech Scope

    Do the hospitals in the portland oregon area that hire medics as Emergency Room Techs allow them to start IVs? Are they just stocking shelves and pushing patients to rooms? Providence, Legacy, etc.