1. C

    Hybrid AEMT

    I am currently an EMT-B and considering doing an online AEMT course. I was wondering how fast can you complete this? Also what company did you do it through? How does clinical time work? Thanks!
  2. TransportJockey

    Free Webinar/CE?

    Anyone know of any free Webinar/CE/Instructor led distance learning out there? I know Centura Health out of CO puts some out occasionally, but I'm looking for any more that anyone knows about. Just trying to do as much as DL so I can blueprint NREMT in two years and have more than enough to...
  3. C online

    Hey, I am in WA and am looking for an online program for my paramedic certificate. I am already working as an EMT-B, and have been for a year now. I am looking at NMETC and wanted to see if any of you have gone through there online schooling - what are your thought? Good? Bad? worth it? Same...
  4. RScott

    RC Health Services

    Hi all, I am considering enrolling in an EMT-B class with RC Health Services. I would do the didactic portion on line and do the skills and clinical in person (obviously). The only posts I could find about this RC Health Services are a couple of years old. Have any of y'all gone this route...
  5. GnarDawg

    Online Courses for Military Members Overseas

    Hello, I work in a military hospital, as an EMT, in Europe. Where I am stationed, unfortunately, the highest level of certification offered is EMT. We have a National Testing Center, where we can take the National Registry Test; but I am unable to travel back to the US to attend the, "Clinical...