1. ruralEMSgirl

    Thoughts on RNs being allowed to challenge Medic exam?

    In my state of residence, RNs (and PAs) are allowed to challenge any level of the NREMT exam, up to and including the Paramedic exam. As far as I could tell, no pre-hospital experience required. Meaning, a RN who's only prior training was nursing school and their current RN position, is allowed...
  2. M

    Parmedic to RN

    Good Morning, Currently a NYS AEMT-P looking to bridge to nursing. Does anyone know of legit online bridge programs? Can bridge programs be completed through out of state colleges and still be accepted as a NYS nurse / is nursing a national degree? GK
  3. E

    Career ladder options

    I basically am stuck between wanting to go nursing (clinic) route or firefighting (field) EMS. I am going to complete an EMT program here upcoming in January 2017 and plan to work as an emt, see if I am capable (burnout, stress, etc.) and get my paramedic. So opinions on what route might be...
  4. F

    Paramedics Inserting PICC Lines

    Question... If a medical director agreed to it, could Paramedics insert PICC lines in the field for nursing homes?