nremt test help

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    So I submitted my application today and my professor already verified my course completion and skills and i paid the $80 fee the only thing holding me from getting a test date is the status says : waiting for NREMT QC. How long does it take for that clear? Does this show up on everyones application?
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    Online Medical Consult for Activated Charcoal with Poison Control

    I'm taking NREMT in 2 weeks but also have an in class final practical tomorrow. Unfortunately nobody has gone over how to do a medical consult with poison control for activated charcoal. I would just like for somebody to go over the steps and proper order of how things should be said. If anybody...
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    Failed the NREMT, should I re-take EMT?

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on here. Last month I took the NREMT for the first time and was unsuccessful in passing. I took the EMT course a year and a half ago, and reviewed on my own and did JBLearning up until the test. Any study advice for this exam? I've been thinking about...