1. 6

    NYS EMT Reciprocity Application Help!!!

    I am eligible for reciprocity because I am a 68W medic who has a current NREMT but step 4 of the application is worded awkwardly. It says to send the form "Verification of EMT Certification" to the EMS office of the state where you are currently certified or licensed along with a...
  2. Agg04

    Paramedic Contracts Overseas

    Hey guys, Im new to the EMS life and waiting to hear a reply about my application to a local medic program that begins in august. Im pretty excited for it. But I have a couple of questions. I was in the Navy as military police for 5 years and then got out. Being in the Navy I never got the...
  3. Ghost Medic Actual

    68W Looking For PMC work

    I need some help and I'm hoping the right connections are here somewhere. I'm a 68W, just separated from the Army over a month ago, and I'm trying to find someone that can get me in touch with a PMC recruiter to go on as a security team medic for a tactical environment type career. Most...
  4. GnarDawg

    Online Courses for Military Members Overseas

    Hello, I work in a military hospital, as an EMT, in Europe. Where I am stationed, unfortunately, the highest level of certification offered is EMT. We have a National Testing Center, where we can take the National Registry Test; but I am unable to travel back to the US to attend the, "Clinical...