1. A

    Code Green Campaign Finances

    I recently lost a family member to a long run-out illness, and she was thoughtful enough to leave behind a small amount of money with the stipulation that I donate a certain amount of it to a charity of my choosing. After having been on the trucks for a little over a year now and having...
  2. L

    Severe Mental Illness and Working in EMS

    I will admit and come clean that I have mental illness and been hospitalized for it numerous times since adolescence. I have severe social anxiety and Aspergers. I often get paranoid about losing my jobs and fear I will co workers against me. I feel everyone can pick up on it. My demeanor is...
  3. MassEMT2012

    Mental Illness and Substance Abuse in EMS Workers

    Hey everyone, I am new to EMTLife and this is my first post/thread. Sorry to bring on such a serious and heavy topic, but its something really important to me, and should be to all of us. Due to the sensitivity of this topic (as well as our mutual friend HIPAA), everyone should...
  4. D

    Intoxication at Home, AMS?

    I work for a 20 some unit private ambulance company running 911's and some private-line transports returning from ER visits and such. I also work nights in a college city in PA. Dispatched for the possible alcohol poisoning, AOS to find male standing upright by own power, CAOx4 with a GCS of...