medic school

  1. B

    Prepping for Paramedic

    Hello! So I'm being sponsored for medic school, however, I need to gather supplies. What would you recommend for supplies, anything you didn't think of needing that was helpful? Did you prefer to handwrite notes or type? Just trying to get a feel for what to expect. Thank you.
  2. Trauma Angel

    Paramedic School Politics?

    Was wondering if anyone could share some insight or suggestions... Im in medic school, its an accelerated class with a smaller class size. Somewhere along the line i became the odd man out. There were some miscommunications earlier on, which i addressed once the instructor pulled me aside and...
  3. LoganBrogan

    Time Management: Studying for Medic school with a Fulltime EMT job

    Hey everybody, I’m currently an EMT working a full-time job for AMR: Palm Springs, in CA. I have my EMT and A&P entrance exams for Crafton hills college next week and I’ve been putting in lots of hours studying to make sure I pass that and actually get into the school, first. I’ve been putting...
  4. X


    Hello folks I live in Sacramento,CA I was wondering if anyone has attended Sacramento States paramedic program and if so how was the entry test and how was the interview?
  5. Ruuustom

    Medic under 21 y/o?

    I am looking into medic school right now and I am just about to complete my application....but I am 19 y/o, I have been an EMT since my 18th birthday.. so about 1.5 years. Should I wait a little while longer before applying?
  6. MinnieToo

    Medic school or not?

    I went through EMT training to volunteer with my local ambulance service. The service is a BLS that is run entirely on volunteers. I love working with the patients and have thought about continuing on into medic school, but will the extra education be of any use if our service is only BLS? Or...
  7. Ruuustom

    NCTI Paramedic School?

    I am looking into NCTI in Milpitas, CA for medic school. Has anyone been through this program? So far I have not heard many good things about this company...but I thought I'd ask anyway.