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    Maryland Protocol Test

    Help me pleaseeeee 😩 I am an NREMT-P and I'm having difficulty passing the Maryland Protocol Test. I've heard of people having a collection of exam questions that are very similar to the ones on the actual test but have yet to get my hands on them. I have a good amount of protocols that I am...
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    Online Medical Consult for Activated Charcoal with Poison Control

    I'm taking NREMT in 2 weeks but also have an in class final practical tomorrow. Unfortunately nobody has gone over how to do a medical consult with poison control for activated charcoal. I would just like for somebody to go over the steps and proper order of how things should be said. If anybody...
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    DC/VA/MD Paramedic Jobs

    Hi All, Going to be relocating to the Washington, DC area come April. Any suggestions on places to work as a medic. I'm coming from the Boston area with 10 yrs EMS experience 911/Interfacility primarily and the last 2 years Pediatric/Neonatal Critical Care. Not really picky where I end up...