1. Paramedic Resource

    Marijuana Pharmacology - FOAMed Video

    In preparation for the upcoming major decriminalization of marijuana in Canada this year I set about reading everything I could get my hands on to really carve out my understanding of it. I figured I would share my findings in video form. Would like to know what you think of it and especially...
  2. Paramedic Resource

    Metoprolol Pharmacology - FOAMed Video

    It`s been awhile, went back to school recently and time has been limited to work on side projects. How`d I do? Anything on Metoprolol that I missed? Anything you disagree with? Anything you would have added? Let me know Cheers!
  3. Paramedic Resource

    FOAMed Video - Fentanyl Pharmacology

    What do you think? Miss anything? Anything you would have put differently?
  4. Paramedic Resource

    Metaclopramide - FOAMed Video

    Hello EMTlife, What do you think of this coverage of Metaclopramide Pharmacology? Anything in the video you were taught differently? Let me know
  5. MassEMT2012

    Mental Illness and Substance Abuse in EMS Workers

    Hey everyone, I am new to EMTLife and this is my first post/thread. Sorry to bring on such a serious and heavy topic, but its something really important to me, and should be to all of us. Due to the sensitivity of this topic (as well as our mutual friend HIPAA), everyone should...
  6. Edgo

    Help with Paramedic Resarearch for a short film Project

    Hello, I am a independent filmmaker living in New York. I am doing a short film project and needed help with some research. I was hoping to talk to an experienced paramedic who can guide me through a protocol when someone has overdosed on drugs. - I have a scene where a paramedic comes into an...