critical care

  1. CW CC

    Train accident

    Hi been on the forum for a few weeks just looking around and decided to post. I am a critical care/flight paramedic in Tennessee with lifestar and have been with lifestar for about 3years. This accident I responded to a while ago was SEMI cab vs TRAIN and a few details may be changed for HIPAA...
  2. NaimElm

    Trying to move up in EMS

    Hey y’all! Just having some thoughts about where I am in this field and would like some input. I’ve been a TX paramedic for a little over two years now, and an EMT for three prior. I’ve worked rural 911 ALS and while I’d hardly call myself a master, I decided it’s time to move on and advance to...
  3. devintd1991

    CCPP-C/TP-C Review material Suggestions

    If anyone's got has good material they'ed recommend for a successful pass in either, I'd appreciate it. Have my FP-C, looking to get these two now. I'm hearing the CCP-C is a bit more difficult so any help is welcomed. Thanks
  4. T

    Critical Care Transport

    Hello everyone. I don't know exactly where to post this, I recently passed my state test (just got the results!!) and will be start working for a 911 system in NC. I have been giving a lot of thought to a critical care job in a few years. I know I will have to do 3-5 years in 911 to gain the...
  5. EpiEMS

    Fluid Resuscitation in Sepsis

    For those who are interested, a nice (open access) paper out of Australia takes a pretty interesting tack: Curious what everybody thinks!
  6. TransportJockey

    Free Webinar/CE?

    Anyone know of any free Webinar/CE/Instructor led distance learning out there? I know Centura Health out of CO puts some out occasionally, but I'm looking for any more that anyone knows about. Just trying to do as much as DL so I can blueprint NREMT in two years and have more than enough to...