1. L

    What can you see on this 3 lead strip?

    I was laying in the recliner at the station. I stood up suddenly and did not feel very well. I was figuring maybe it was a little bit of orthostatic hypotension going on or something. I felt nauseous and had these hot flashes and my chest was fluttering. I went out to the truck and put myself...
  2. RocketMedic

    Quick Scenario For You (Students and New Medics)

    You're responding to a man, approximately 60, who is complaining of chest pain. The pain started 30 minutes prior, rapidly, while he was arguing with his family. The pain is described as a crushing substernal chest pressure without attendant shortness of breath. It does not radiate. It does not...
  3. weezeehamilton

    ECG Monitor Practice

    As usual, I come to you guys in my time of need. Anybody know if there is an online ECG simulator or an app (hopefully free)? I want to be able to reassociate myself with an ECG monitor (preferrably lifepack) and practice pacing and cardioverting from the comforts of my home as my access to...
  4. M

    Oxygen and ACS

    alrighty, so I just took a test and one of the questions is in regards to ACS and oxygen. It in shortened form states "you have a 72 yo male blah blah blah with chest pain, spo2 reads 95%, of which of the following is correct, out of the 4 these two made more sense 1) there is no need for...
  5. C

    GTN Studies

    Hi all, I'm trying to find papers on IV versus sublingual GTN for cardiac conditions but there doesn't seem to be a load out there. I've tried the normal channels but keep finding papers on monkeys, dogs and anal fissures!! Any help would be massively appreciated!!
  6. Z

    First Full arrest

    So after working stand by at an event this weekend, I got my first cardiac arrest. It came out of no where, and turned to be a very stressful call. I understand why now in EMT class they stress CPR so much, but I'm noticing that a lot of students don't take it seriously. Everyone has a mentality...