1. Ziiiiziiii

    Paramedic in Canada?? US Permanent Resident

    Hey, So I am interested to moving to Vancouver, Canada and becoming the highest Paramedic position there can be. I was wondering, If I should pursue it? Or should I just stay here in Hawaii and become a Paramedic here? I heard about how hard it is to find a job in Canada and I don't want to...
  2. Liam

    Becoming an EMT with no biology experience

    Hey there, I've recently been looking into becoming an EMT(PCP) in Alberta, Canada. Only thing is I took chemistry all through high school, last time I was studying the human body was in grade 9 honours science, I'm 19 now turning 20 in June of 2018, is it worth it for me to take general...
  3. B

    What Is It Like To Work In Canadian EMS?

    Hello everyone, I'm a 2 year University Graduate Paramedic in the UK. For the past few months, I've become increasingly set on relocating to Canada. I see on the government website that currently, a Paramedic is classed as a skilled profession in Canada, and the immigration process doesn't look...
  4. Cyrus

    Interested in an EMS Career in Canada, from US

    Good morning everyone, I am searching for advice in regards to pursuing a career in EMS and immigrating to Canada. I am currently living in California and working on an ALS rig doing 911- albeit as an EMT-B. My interest is one day working as a PCP, ACP, or higher (CCP or becoming a Doc) in...
  5. ego

    British Columbia Jurisprudence Exam

    Has anyone sat this exam? I am having difficulty finding out what I need to study for the exam, getting a lot of "everything" answers which is not very helpful. I would also like to know if due to it being an online exam is it open book or do you have to take the exam through webcam with...