1. DarthQWave

    START Triage and OPAs

    Hello all - new EMT and you know what they say about questions. Here is one that never truly was clarified in school. We are all familiar with that wonderful red bag of OPAs and tags. I don't understand how to utilize OPAs into the system. I understand if someone's is not breathing on their...
  2. Mya

    Choking pt becomes unconscious...inserting an airway?

    I recently took a BLS CPR class to renew my cert and the instructor told us that after some time if the patient has no chest rise and fall and the object is still there, that ALS will insert an advanced airway and just push the object into the lungs. 1. If there's no ALS (I'm an EMT) do we just...
  3. F

    Nervous about my first ride along.

    So I know that this topic has been beaten over and over again. I'm top in my class and ace all of my practicals 100%. I want to get my paramedic before I go onto school to be a trauma surgeon. I feel very confident in my knowledge and skill. But, as my instructors beat into us, "This is how you...
  4. EpiEMS

    CPAP - Frequency of Use

    How often do you find yourself using CPAP? Also, regarding CPAP, seeking any tips and tricks -- CT is rolling out BLS CPAP, and I'm quite excited, but I have little experience with it, given that it's not exactly an extremely common BLS skill (yet).