active shooter

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    Training opportunities with CEU's

    Awareness protective Consultants from NJ travels nationwide to train EMS and Fire for several courses such as: Situational Awareness Integrated Active Shooter for First Responders Both are able to obtain Continuing education for the training and both are 4 hour training increments. Please...
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    Tactical Training in Wisconsin (TECC & TEMS)

    2017 Tactical Training Courses Mercyhealth’s Tactical Training Center in Janesville, WI provides vital hands-on tactical training for public safety professionals. While these courses take a tactical slant, the focus is on an all-hazards approach to providing care outside the normal operating...
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    Please help! New to EMS with questions regarding tactical medicine

    Hello, my name is Austin, 21, and I am a new EMS student from Virginia. I wanted to know if anybody had any advice or knowledge in the field of tactical medicine or the like? I had originally attended college in hopes of earning my degree in biology and joining the military afterwards...