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    Obstructed Airway Question

    I’ve been a paramedic 7 years and did my first one last year. 17 year old kid hit by a drunk driver and was sitting upright in the car trapped. Unconscious, unresponsive, agonal respirations, blood pooling in his airway. I tried to ice axe him to intubate him but couldn’t control the head and...
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    How to measure an NPA

    Oh and lubricate it with their spit
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    ET vs Laryngeal airway

    ET is a secure airway, secure in the fact that they can’t aspirate. LMAs, Kings, and I-gels are not. That pretty much sums it up. I prefer ET it I’m doing an advanced airway but I also agree that it is not the best choice for every patient with a compromised airway. I like passive oxygenation...
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    What is the worst rookie mistake you've seen

    When I was a new medic I was rolling double medic with a guy who’d been at it for 20 years and who I respected a lot. Ran a teenager who had hurt his ankle skateboarding. Roll up on scene and do an assessment and see what I thought at the time was an abrasion to his ankle with some swelling and...
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    Advice to the new EMT

    The reason you feel safe is because you take precaution. The reason you take those precautions is because the job is dangerous. Most people in their jobs don't encounter near the amount of risks we do on a daily basis including altered mentation patients, oncoming traffic, driving emergent(ESP...
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    Stroke Assesment Sentence

    "The Human Torch Was Denied A Bank Loan" or really anything from Ron Burgundy will suffice
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    How long did it take you ..

    Haha I remember the day I think it was my first month still that somebody said to me not to do SAMPLE then OPQRST but do S then OPQRST and AMPLE if needed. It sounds stupid now but it really helped me transition from robot to clinician. Now I usually walk in and say "whats up" to the patient and...
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    Advice to the new EMT

    1) How often do you experience deaths, and how did your first death impact you? Its really hit or miss but I had two "cardiac arrests" the other day that were both DOA's, one was relatively fresh <30 minutes and then last night I had a cardiac arrest save(fingers crossed hes doing well in the...
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    Best state and county to work as a paramedic! ?

    I started my career and came up here in Colorado so this is all I know but from my experience here and knowledge of other states/counties protocols we have it pretty good here. I have worked in Arapahoe/Douglas/Denver counties (greater Denver area) and currently work in El Paso COunty (Colorado...
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    Idea for nasal intubation

    The BAAM isn't gonna work on an apneic patient anyways....neither will the stethescope trick, although its a cool one. I had a similar situation last week where a patient went unresponsive and apneic with the teeth clenched. No RSI so nasal intubation or cric would have been my only options...
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    Can upper management/billing force us to write an addendum?

    Can you explain the justification for this? If I am the writer of a report, and it is something that I may have to defend it in court, how can someone who wasn't on the call tell me that I have to add something to it? Thanks
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    Can upper management/billing force us to write an addendum?

    So I am in a sticky situation guys. We have an owner of our private ambulance company who is trying to run the place and has no understanding of EMS. His highest level of medical training is CNA. Now he is trying to force us to write addendums for pts who are unresponsive or for some other...
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    What should i ask during my ride along and ER shift?

    Soo.....what kind of coffee do you like? That is called setting yourself up for success :rofl:
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    NREMT-P exam

    hey guys, Finished internship this week and got my authorization to test letter. Have my NREMT-P exam scheduled for Tues and immediately after I am on my first vacation in 2 years! Not really worried about registry....I test pretty good and know my stuff. I was just wondering if anyone had any...