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    Placentia Transition with Lynch

    Glad to hear they've upped their game. When I worked there it was horrible. EVERY shift meds were expired, monitor batteries wouldn't last a whole transport, old rigs. Dreaded going to work there every shift.
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    Ventura County EMS

    Talk about impatient.
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    Privatized EMS in Placentia CA

    Someone is trusting Lynch with 911? I worked there a few years ago, and it was a joke of a medic program. Every shift I'd find expired drugs in the box, monitor batteries that'd last less than an hour, Zoll M-series monitors, no AEDs on their BLS units. Don't get me started on being...
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    Working at McCormick/Banking overtime

    Care pays $15 an hour now... And I always believe it's one of the better ambulance companies in the area.
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    In need of a internship site

    I wouldn't do a non-911 provider. You wont get nearly as many calls, and it's not conducive to if you become a 911 provider. I saw on their Instagram that Lynch in Orange County was doing internships. This poor sole probably had to do 100 shifts to get his 40 ALS contacts.
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    DUI Driver hits 9 people in Fullerton CA, how does a bystander respond?

    If I was there with my family the only thing I would do is get them as far away as possible, then call 911 once safe. Too often nowadays this isn't just an accident, but an attack. Who knows what's been planned next. If I was alone if act, albeit with my head on a swivel for other potential...
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    Private 9-1-1/ALS Opportunity

    They would be more than capable of putting in a bid. I know of a one private company that put in a bid for a Southern Californian city. However, surrounding agencies could refuse to offer automatic aid to the company. And I believe there's some sort of law, making it difficult for an...
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    Working while in Medic School

    I had two jobs while in medic school. It's all in how you can handle the information. I had a science background, so a lot of the anatomy, theory, and terminology was more review. And your interest level means a lot too. If you truly enjoy the material, then you'll understand and retain the...
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    Question on EMS college degree vs Paramedic certification

    What are you looking to do in the EMS field? Do you just want to be a medic? Do you want management, or have a position in local EMS government regulation? Getting an EMS degree really pigeon-holes you into that field. If it's the medicine aspect or EMS, then get a...
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    Private 9-1-1/ALS Opportunity

    Looks like an effort to get a better contract from OCFA. Only real other option would be to contact to a private company for fire services. I fear for people if one of the privates OC ambulances get 911 services. The one I used to work at was a joke, every shift would have expired meds found in...
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    I Want to be a Paramedic/Suggestions for which BA/BS to go for?

    I second the thought of just doing whatever you enjoy. For most anything you'll need a master's degree, so just enjoy your college experience. Take an anatomy class and that be more than enough to prepare you for EMS .
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    ALS IFT Vs. 911

    Guess it was different for 911 with one medic .Those were assessment units with just one medic.
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    ALS IFT Vs. 911

    I worked at an OC private ALS company and we didn't need to involve fire unless we needed manpower. I did CPAP and other ALS interventions multiple times and we just ran it with the two of us. The shady thing with the company was that we'd get stroke like symptoms/chest pain/insert acute medical...
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    Now can we stop using NS?

    Only for persistent hypotension in newborns.
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    The Future of EMS

    Please let us have alternate destinations and the ability to refuse transport (I just need more ibuprofen type calls). I think the direction of our field will depend upon reimbursements. If agencies start getting paid for more in home care, then we'll see more, or if transport reimbursement...