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    Anyone using Ultrasound?

    Feel free to shoot me a PM about it
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    Anyone using Ultrasound?

    EFast exam, IVC, lung, cardiac assessment, IV line placement, eventually use it for arterial lines
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    Anyone using Ultrasound?

    We use the lumify. We love it. Great price of equipment. The only problem is we keep ours in our bag so eventually the wire at the site of the probe gets worn out and wonky creating problems
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    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    @Carlos Danger the rotor wash on them 430s was no joke
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    MCHD or Acadian (CO to TX)

    Do the paid fire guys ever work shifts on the medic ? Or is it completely separate ? I know they've only recently shifted to paid fire
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    MCHD or Acadian (CO to TX)

    Does anyone have any working knowledge of cy-fairs new structure? Are their medics also FF?
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    Dumb question. Is the CE hours able to be used for my NREMT medic recert ?
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    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    @GMCmedic I used to fly in 206/407 down by the border of Mexico and very rural Texas, yea I dont miss it. The 145's give me everything I could need in HEMS. Although........them aw169 be looking Fuego
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    Helicopter Stuff and Things

    @Tigger I believe they just turned the old BK 117 into the EC-145, and now they turned them into the H-145 T2 model. Supposed to be legitness. We still fly the EC-145, great aircraft, we've just put alot of miles on them.
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    Cadaver lab

    Just recently started helping with my services cadaver lab training. Does anyone have any tips or tidbits to help make it interesting? Anything they've seen at another cadaver lab or have done
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    Critical Care Topic of the Month

    Theres an impella app for Android and I phones that's very detailed
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    Airway Management and Intubating without Drugs

    @DesertMedic66 @GMCmedic same here. We've seen it go up in non-critical patients in whom BP isn't a concern. But we've seen a significant decrease in our critical patients
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    Predicting a difficult airway is darn near impossible

    Thats not super uncommon in the very rural parts of texas. If there is a physician in the small ER then he probably isnt board certified and it will be known to him that the local medics or flight crews will be more experienced at airways than him. Plus they will end up taking the patient out...