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    I have issues with the FP-C organization. I feel its a scam to make money. I can write a test about flight medicine that you will fail and charge you 500.00 bucks. If the test was say 150 then I would have more respect for it. I was in Australia last year and talked with a medic who works in...
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    Looking for some advice in getting experience

    If you wanna fast track to the Fire Service look at California (Cal Fire) or Texas Washington is not the best state to start out in or even work in. Just sayin.
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    Air Methods to pay out $78M in unpaid wages to CA employees

    When EMS grows up we will be like all other industries. Money is King. The more we can get the better. How we get it does not matter. Its all about money. Thats an Adult Job!
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    AMR soon to be FALC San Deigo

    I want to know if anyone has feed back on this question. Does SDFD use AMR Medics as PCR and billing attendants. Who runs the Call? AMR or SDFD Medics. I am from ENC. Went to Medic School in Texas. Working Rural Texas all 911 no IFT. I would dig to be back in San Diego but not if my role working...