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    Intranasal Narcan for BLS

    Emt iv's can give iv and in narcan in my area and there are no contraindications. Indications are respiratory depression due to opiate od or unresponsive with unknown etiology. However, either of those chiefs are going to get an als response so its kind of pointless for us. The md's in my area...
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    States and EMT-B Morphine Administration

    Why are they poorly trained? I would imagine there are alot if opportunities to get experience, especially trauma.
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    What Education and Training Certifications can a EMT-Basic take?

    If your pt is critical wouldnt you want to go to the closest available facility with a trauma designation to stabilize the pt and let that facility decide if they want to transfer? Thats what my med dir wants us to do.
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    States and EMT-B Morphine Administration

    Tigger, do you have a url for that site pertaining to emt_iv scope? Funnily, in practice emt's push whatever they are told regardless of pt condition, and I bet alot of people dont even know about the rule you mentioned. I have a waiver for iv and odt zofran although its nowhere near as serious...
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    "Accelerated" EMT-B + WEMT

    Remote medical international is supposed to be the best, followed by wmi of nols. I did my wfr with solo and it was ok but a hospital based program would be way better for urban training. I think remote medical can cert you strait to emt-i plus w in one class. However wilderness training isnt...
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    States and EMT-B Morphine Administration

    Tigger, sorry, posting from my phone in the back of a moving ambulance while our 3rd rider drives around town is rough on my spelling ability. Most of the cars in our system do ift and emergent calls and thus see the whole range of patients. The fi process for medics is a couple of weeks and...
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    [Separated] Give drugs to drug seekers

    If a pt tells you they are an addict in withdrawal and in 10/10 generalized pain from that withdrawal, can you give narcs for pain or would you be treating their withdrawal symptoms? My medic said that could put his license at stake and he would never do that. Just a hypothetical.
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    AMR EVOC Test

    You should focus on your protocol test and your local geography. The geography test is the hardest unless you know the area cold.
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    States and EMT-B Morphine Administration

    Although I agree that the basic curriculum leaves alot to be desired, I think they can bring alot of value to the ems system. I think it is shortsited to say that basics are worthless because of their education. A bsn could say the same to a medic with only a diploma. First, how many pts do we...
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    when do you give saline?

    What about a runner with altered mental status that tells you they havent eaten today, and just finished a marathon and has s/s of hyponatremia. You would then give saline? If so, that is odd because the race MD told 50 medics/emts and captains that saline is an inappropriate tx for hyponatremia...
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    when do you give saline?

    I recently worked a marathon and the MD said never to treat hyponatremic runners with ns. So the question is, why would you give ns for some hyponatremia and not other hyponatremia?
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    when do you give saline?

    Didnt get a bgl as it was not indicated. Pulse and rr normal. This wasnt a 911 call it was a BLS non emergent to the ed. The pt didnt have much going on except for the low bp and labs. Anyway, time for bed. I will come up with a different question for tomorow.;)
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    when do you give saline?

    Pt didnt seem to be altered, just apathetic about her tx. Sure, she could have had an infection starting and I considered that but as a basic I am going to leave that to the md, because those findings arent significant enough for me to initiate saline infusion.
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    We use either and dont differentiate between the two regarding the value.