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    Triage Question

    There's no black and white. You treat the most savable person. If the injured person is a green tag with minor injuries, perhaps evaluate the two black tags and see if either of them have reversible causes of death. CPR on a traumatic arrest doesn't make things better, in fact it may make...
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    Who carries a med kit in their vehicle off-duty?

    Getting a little sidetracked, but my department issued BLS or ALS bags and AEDs to some of our employees in our rural areas. This was in response to an emergency bridge closure by DOT that extended response times to the area by about 45 minutes. The employees could volunteer to have equipment at...
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    Question regarding opting out of upcoming vaccine

    Your best best would be to have this conversation with your employers. I haven't heard of any laws requiring the vaccine.
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    Who carries a med kit in their vehicle off-duty?

    That totally makes sense where you are. As the exception to the rule, I offer an example. I once arrived on scene of an MVA (off duty). 3 motorcycles on a freeway were taken out by a vehicle that then rolled into a ditch. EMS had 1 ambulance on scene. By a stroke of dumb luck, 2 off duty...
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    Who carries a med kit in their vehicle off-duty?

    That condition is very rare.
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    Who carries a med kit in their vehicle off-duty?

    It's important to understand that advanced providers (paramedics, RNs, etc) cannot perform advanced interventions while off duty. Things like IVs, needle decompression, etc require medical direction, which we don't have while off duty. That is a major reason why most people don't carry that...
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    Box truck seats

    You're thinking of air ride seats. I think the OP is talking about adjustable seats, much like you might find in a personal vehicle.
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    Box truck seats

    Ambulances have short lives compared to most vehicles. They're usually built on the cheaper platforms with fewer features so they are cheaper.
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    Box truck seats

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    End of Life Care

    Most states have something like this, but I'm curious about any EMS protocols out there specifically giving treatment guidelines. I did see Kansas City has one.
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    ER Tech Jobs in Denver Area

    You messed up a ladder throw and lost your career? If you still want to be a firefighter, look into South Metro Fire in the Denver area. They are a fantastic fire department with EMS, and they actually have a very good EMS system.
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    End of Life Care

    Does anyone have protocols for treatment of hospice patients for comfort care in the home? I'm interested in things like respiratory support for comfort, pain management, etc. I'm interested in examples with and without community paramedic involvement.
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    LED Pupil Light Recommendation

    Check your smart phone. Honestly, it's the one I use the most because I lose it the least.
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    CA Grey Card? Please Help!

    The county issues a local accreditation, the state issues the license. However when you apply for your EMT license at the county they do it all for you. You will get your gray card in the mail.
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    Is my employer wrong?

    If they told you the paramedic is on call at home, then that is how the operation is set up. It is not unheard of. If you have concerns I would suggest you talk to your supervisor.