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    Unreal heli rescue

    You guys made it 2 pages into this helicopter thread without a San Andreas reference?
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    The FEMA graveyard?

    The rumors are true! That’s kind of cool. I like to think my rig is there and not some mobile pet grooming van. Most of our Pacific OC rigs went straight to a local auction yard. What good ones we had had already been pilfered by Bowers. I’m sure those are the ones that ended up in the graveyard.
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    The FEMA graveyard?

    When AMR took over our operation we heard many stories of the FEMA ambulance graveyard and how our rigs were destined for it. Much like when all the bombers came back from WWII, I imagine a giant lot filled with ambulances of different livery just rotting in the sun. Does this place actually...
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    Privatized EMS in Placentia CA

    OCFA is losing their minds at the prospect of this. They were already not very friendly to us for having private medics when I worked at Lynch. On the BLS side, Lynch had the goofy EMTs that all SoCal IFT companies have but most of the medics I worked with were squared away. They all had...
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    Is it normal to be treated bad by your FTO?

    Does this count as a save? Cause this thread was brought back from the dead.
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    TV Show Seeks First Responder/EMT/Law Enforcement Paranormal Stories

    I hate everything about this call. We’ve got one roaming our neighborhood. I hate those things. I’d rather run into a ghost.
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    AMR Hiring SoCal?

    You’d be amazed at what goes on in the AMR area alone when they’re off duty. I worked three divisions away and heard the stories. Made me never want to work the event.
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    How far would you drive for a 24/48?

    When I lived in LA my commute would easily be 1.5-2.5hrs for a 12hr shift. To me it depends heavily on call volume. I had a buddy who would commute 2-3hrs for 48s but they’d only run a handful of calls on shift. When I was doing standup 24s there were days I was so broke off that I don’t...
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    California EMT Certification

    Pass on applying to AMR Orange County. You’ll thank me later.
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    For the more seasoned EMTs, what does a new EMTB do that bothers you?

    Driving the rig like it’s their Honda Accord.
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    NYC Sanitation Ambulance??

    All I know is that I really want to drive it.
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    Welcome to the business! This won’t be the last time. I once, in one 4 day work week, got blood, urine, spit, vomit, and feces on me.
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    Care Ambulance

    I’ll be so happy if it’s Laguna Beach.
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    Member Passing

    That’s heartbreaking. He seemed like a real nice guy and his posts were always informative. My condolences to his family and everyone at Liberty.
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    Lynch Interview Panel

    This is for the more formal interview with management? It’s pretty straight forward. No real surprises. Just run through your assesment from top to bottom.