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    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    Cardiac grey is not a pretty color on anyone, I got to look at it for 130 miles a few weeks ago: (weather was too bad to fly the patient). He died 10 minutes after getting him to the hospital, so I did my job.
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    What is considered shock trauma?

    Shock Trauma is also used in a lot of Level I and II hospital ED's to describe Critical Care rooms: so it can be used for critical Medical patients also. Last patient I took to a Level I hospital that was in bad shape (hyperkalemia, CO2 in the 70's {for the 1st 15 minutes of transport}, and...
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    Los Angeles County COVID Response Teams looking to hire paramedics

    Since I can't open it: how much is the pay, and how hard is it to get certified to work in LA? I have 34 weeks of leave
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    What is your service doing to attract applicants?

    Chimpie: can you raise the sign on bonus? Because $1K doesn't make it worth it for anyone to move there Start a EMT B program for HS students so that when they turn 18 they are EMT-B's, and can start working right away? PT or PRN until they graduate. Then FT, experience already. Retention...
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    What is considered shock trauma?

    Depends on your area and protocols: But usually life threatening injuries. Amputated finger or hand, not so much. Multi system trauma, amputated limbs (elbow or knee and above), death in the same vehicle, ejection, falls greater than 20 ft or 3 times height of patient (for kids) depending what...
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    AMR cant staff, fire/ sheriff transport

    Thinking about it more: Indiana was that way when I worked there, but it was different when it was 10 minute transports. Now FT is 42 miles gate to closest hospital. PT is 110 miles to closest hospital; but it may be 2 hours to the patient, 2 hours back to town (fuel) then 110 miles to the...
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    I'm new here

    Welcome; Some people get short with their answers when you ask a question; don't take it personally; it is more that people ask the same questions that have been asked 100 times before. Do a little research (digging) to see if you can find an answer before you ask. Sit back and hold on: some...
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    25 ALS rigs, crews deployed to N.C. to help with COVID-related calls

    And from what I am understanding FEMA is taking crews and trucks from areas that are short staffed already to help NC.
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    AMR cant staff, fire/ sheriff transport

    Fireman Mike: Crews can't initiate refusals? Wow, so when someone calls 911 because they stubbed their toe, the crew can't say no, go to the Urgent Care in the morning. Or "Not going to transport you because the funny feeling you are having is because you smoked pot for the 1st time"? Wow...
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    Hospital Divert

    As far as I know it hasn't happened locally, but I don't transport all that often so it might have. It will be a mess when/if it does: Ft job we can transport to 2 counties: they are equal distance away, but different way to get there: 60 mile difference if we head to County A and get...
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    San Diego sheriff fentanyl overdose

    Fire 612: rub your arm with talcum powder, and watch and see how long it takes for it to be absorbed: then do the same thing with powdered fentanyl. Powder doesn't absorb through the skin: otherwise people at the beach and kids playing in the dirt would all die. Again: read the article...
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    Antero-lateral infarct To Arrest.

    1st of all: what are your protocols? Do they say to pace a brady patient with a good BP (yes the BP may have been bogus, but you have to go with what you have)? Some do, but a lot say to give them a fluid bolus and Atropine. Yes you had a fast code, and fast transport: sit and look back...
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    Pt took drugs during transport

    Fun thing: which psych patients do you restrain? I transported 2 last week, both calm. but both had the chance to become combative. The 1 that became combative was the non psych patient who was in SVT that I fixed, he slept for 80 minutes of the transport (130 miles) and after one pothole...
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    FTO instructed me to “make up” vital signs

    Yes we do, sometimes I think Iearned more from the bad role models than the good ones. LOL I learned how not to treat partners and patients
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    Estimating patients' weight

    Mack: that is a good point: but in the winter time when it is 15 below outside, and the patient has heavy boots on, heavy pants, 3 shirts, 2 or 3 layers of clothing; 2 blankets they weigh more; I was curious last winter when I came in from walking my dog (he things it is more fun to walk in...