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    DNR - NO Artificial Ventilation and the use of a BVM?

    I don't know if there are other states that are the same, but there are different levels of DNR where I work. It's also called a POST form (physicians orders for scope of treatment). It can call for IV fluids, antibiotics, intubation, o2, or specific treatments OR complete lack thereof...
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    DNR - NO Artificial Ventilation and the use of a BVM?

    From the sounds of the DNR I would think a BVM would be opposing the pt's wishes. In any case, sounds like a situation where I'd call my medical control doc and put the liability on him. We deal with DNR's and living wills a lot and honestly, most of the time I'm on the phone with the doc...
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    Pulseless VT/Accelerated idioventricular rhythm

    This brings an interesting question to my mind. If a pt is in a pulseless rhythm and converts into V tach with a pulse, what then would you do? I've been told by many of the older medics I work with you then do nothing unless they loose a pulse. A profusing rhythm with a blood pressure should...
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    Thanks for the input. here's just a few articles I found useful/interesting.
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    There's a thread about this already, but it hasn't been posted on since 2007. I'd like some new thoughts on it because I know there's been more info to come out. I recently had a call where a senior medic had a talk with me because I didn't place the pt in Trendelenburg possition. I told...
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    Blue lips

    I don't know what chambers he had, but i thought the same thing about the hypoxia, so i didn't think much of the blue lips. the dude ended up having 2 PE's. very bad. they stuck him in the ICU, haven't heard how he ended up doing. Any ideas how I could have diagnosed this better?
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    Blue lips

    Called for a 33/M sick person. pt laying on couch on arrival. C/o cramping and R foot swelling. no pain, N/V, SOB. Nothing. Hx- pt has 3 chambered heart with pacemaker. EKG shows an irregularly paced rhythm. bp 96 systolic. pt says he nomally runs low. pt goes to put a shirt on to get on...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Peach mountain dew Peach mountain dew may just be the best damn thing i've ever put passed my lips. yes... better than anything.
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    Kidney Failure

    I've been on a few calls with people in kidney failure and having different types of problems due to dialysis lately. anyone got any good reading on kidney function, the dialysis process, and complications from it? Preferably something that's not too long winded.
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    what do you do when you're bored at post?

    When I had to post (we would post in our trucks in grocery store parking lots) life got lame fast so I went out and bought a bunch of game for my laptop that I used to play back in the day. Diablo, Warcraft II, Starcraft ect. It was nerd central in the cockpit of my rig.
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    Had a guy squawk like a parrot over the radio on national "talk like a pirate day." The on duty supervisor didn't find it very funny. made him appologize over the radio.
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    Time spent on scene

    I agree to the with exceptions portion of your post. Each patient is definatly situation dependent. I think whether I treat or not on scene has more to do with how fast we can get the pt in the ambulance. if it's quick, and they're sick, i'm not gonna fiddle fart on scene. I'm gonna do...
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    Another backboarding Scenario

    Ok, I know this is probably beating a dead horse here, but let's see. 17/f ATV accident. pt has obvious femur fracture, elbow pain. no pain anywhere else until spine is palpated. pt has pain in lumbar region. pt says she has scoliosis and the pain is in the location of the curvature of...
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    Traction Splint Relieving Pain

    Finally got my first femur fracture last week. 17y/o girl sobbing for mommy after an ATV rolled over her leg. morphine and valium first, then traction. squeeled like a stuck pig at first, but then said it was much better. on a side note, we pulled traction first to see if it would really...
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    Time spent on scene

    Personally the only vitals I get on scene, (unless we're going to do some type of treatment i.e albuterol, adenosine ect.) is the pt's pulse quality and their respirations. I pretty much answer the question, sick? or not sick? and do they need something right now, on scene. If not, I like...