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    Student vs seasoned medic

    Yeah yeah, something original Jr.
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    Student vs seasoned medic

    I need a meme about students vs seasoned medics, preferably about how much stuff they carry on their person. I looked around and couldn't find anything anyone got anything?
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    the 100% directionless thread

    On my working days it's not unusual to be dozing off on the recliners at 8:30. If I'm not on a call that is.
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    Medic#: Dispatch do you have a call back number for this call? Dispatch: I'll try calling them back. Few minutes later... Dispatch: Medic # your patient is coming to the door. Medic#: Too late my partner's going through the window. Dispatch: That might startle her.
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    idiots in traffic

    Loud speaker works sometimes.
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    I can't stand being a paramedic.

    These things are all part of the job, from the partners who text and drive to having 3 cardiac arrests with 0 saves in one shift you deal with it, talk to your partner if she blows up on you like that then she's obviously unprofessional and shouldn't be given respect or the time of day, I'd talk...
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    15 lead ecg

    I'll find the EKGs that were presented to us in the class. where Lead II showed a narrow rhythm and v1 shows a wide Rhythm. It's not about your ability to differentiate but about the EKG picking up the changes earlier
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    15 lead ecg

    Lead II isn't as sensitive, the short version is that lead II might show nsr when the person goes into vtach, develops a heart block or other dangerous rhythms.
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    15 lead ecg

    What indicates a 12 lead for you but not a posterior? Part of the class when I attended was that while the information has been around for years it hasn't been implemented by everyone.
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    15 lead ecg

    So I recentlt had the privilidge of attendnig a class by Bob page where we covered a ton of materials but one of the bigger things he discussed was that "every normal 12 lead EKG should get a 15 lead EKG consisting of v4R, v8 and v9." We were showed evidence of long term diagnosis that were made...
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    DNR - NO Artificial Ventilation and the use of a BVM?

    By that logic though would you call a hypoglycemic shock patient who's received D50 a resuscitated patient? Would you withhold the D50?
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    DNR - NO Artificial Ventilation and the use of a BVM?

    Maybe I miss it but what we're his lung sounds, everyone accessing cpap but that won't help in asthma.
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    Christmas Presents

    French coffee press, I can heat up the water in the microwave and take the pot with me because it fits in the cup holder.
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    Ellenville EMT breaks rules to help 4-year-old

    What's the issue? He broke a rule he should've taken the consequence into his decision, he was punished like he should've expected, if he shut up, accepted it and stayed on he probably would've gotten his position back soon enough. His resignation was rash and uncalled for.