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    EMT cert in multiple states

    Is it possible to hold an EMT cert in say, Oregon, then take the California EMT refresher/ requirements, then and be certed in both Oregon and California simutanously?
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    Long Time, but I have a question! Women & Partners wives + community

    While you are on Paramedic Ride alongs, you are the snot nosed rookie. No dime of opinion in you. You are there to do your clinicals, learn, and leave The medics were giving poor Pt care? okay fine report that.. But when you go to the extremes of texting( or whatever) your friends what the big...
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    Really depends... if you work for an agency, they may require you have a few years as an EMT with them before beginning Paramedic school. however, if unemployed, you can go to a school that will accept you and begin there. Although MOST of the paramedics i have seen who don't have any...
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    Study and Prep for NREMT

    Exactly. Don't try to cram every bit of information onto your head days before the exam. Review briefly a few days before and then just put the book down. you know what you need to know already from class, so dont stress over it
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    the 100% directionless thread

    my girlfriend of over a year broke up with me! psh.
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    New NBC series "Trauma" this fall

    I dont like that fact on how all of these medical shows state that they are as real to reality as it can get, when they sure as hell aren't. "He's flat lining, lets shock him" oh.. okay yes sir God. I saw a preview for Trauma today, and it looks like a fast paced action show that Gov. Arnold...
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    [Didn't Expect to Come Back, but...] First Save

    All im trying to do is pass more ideas onto you of what else you could have done better, which im sure you've thought about alot. While she was stopped and telling you her assessment, check that pulse. make someone get an AED. Its your job to react. you did what you did, because thats what...
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    [Didn't Expect to Come Back, but...] First Save

    First of all, im glad that everything worked out for the better! now... Its obvious that you have more training in this situation than the woman who was giving chest compressions. You need to take control of the scene. I would have told her to stop doing compressions, and immediately begin...
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    when is it necessary to...

    A captain with a large metropolitan department with 30+ years experience has taught me to ALWAYS wear gloves. It takes what, 10 seconds to put a simple pair of gloves on while in the rig.. As many of you know, when you walk up to the Patient everything may appear fine, but things can...
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    Getting back into it..

    Arizona! ^_^
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    Why are you a emt?

    I grew up around the big red trucks and firemen, so it was all i really knew. What attracted me the most was the fact that i would be able to change someones life. On their worst day, when everything is going wrong, i would be able to give my best effort and try to change that.
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    Finally out of Paramedic School!!!!

    Congrats!!!! and good luck to everyone who's going in! i still remember growing up while my dad was in medic school..
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    the 100% directionless thread

    eh i like the new show the creator of ER made, Southland
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    the 100% directionless thread

    My 2000 Jeep is nothing but trouble! Had to get a new Power Steering pump and transmission cause someone decided to take it on a joyride while i was in a store!