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Handsome Robb
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May 29, 2017 at 6:40 PM
Sep 28, 2010
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October 17

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Handsome Robb


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[On Tapatalk]Viewing thread, May 29, 2017 at 6:40 PM
    1. kev54
      I wanted to ask and see how often RESMA might respond to best effort areas that may have longer transport times? Or are they mostly a strictly urban/suburban service? I couldn't find a response map on the website I thought I would ask you. I know they response in Reno/Sparks but also have best effort areas. Thank you for the answer, it's greatly appreciated.
    2. ViolynEMT
      Do you want to be friends on FB?
    3. STXmedic
      Hello, sir. Have you let Xenu The Immortal into your life?
    4. truetiger
      Hey, whats going on?
    5. foxfire
      hey, it has been a long time. I became tired of trying to keep up with social sites and went cold turkey for a while. =) But I am back.
    6. sirengirl
      jerk! I became known department wide as The White Cloud. I rode ~15 24-hour shifts and usually averaged about 2 calls a shift.... we ran at he busiest station in the county and actually slept all night... my only "holy s*&$#" call was a 12-year old actively seizing.... for god's sake, my suicide attempt was a little old lady who swallowed a bunch of Xanex.... lol.
    7. sirengirl
      well that's good! Better than i can say... it's been almost a week since i've been on a box and i'm going insane with boredom...
    8. sirengirl
      Yeah it's been a while! I actually just finished it up, passed my exam on Wed and had my final ride times the next day. Just gotta play the waiting game with scheduling with the state... How's you doin?
    9. caliboosted
      Hey can you point me in the right direction to get started with applying for a Washoe county license ? I found their webpage but can't seem to find anywhere to apply :( Any help would be greatly appreciated and just curious have you heard of any people applying for the medic job in fallon nv ? Think I might apply for that.

      Ok so In CA you have to register with the state and then the specific county your going to work in, Im guessing that isn't the case with NV ? and is your license really $10 ? CA is $250 :( plus which ever county.
    10. medicRob
      It went good. The interior designer comes Friday. We are basing the design on 1950s retrofuturism.
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