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    Weight loss ( Need help with getting started)

    I've lost a total of 145 lbs and have a hundred more to lose before I start my certification. I find that a lot of my eating was due to emotions. I ate because I was angry, sad, or bored. You said that you put on a lot of weight after your father's death. See if you can find a low-cost counselor...
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    What is your favorite?

    I've actually gone back to playing Fable III because it is MMO. Some other games I don't like MMO because they like to peg off the newbies before they even get use to the game controls.
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    Are there any Field Training Officers in the group or Instructors? After spending a few years in EMS, I was thinking about becoming an FTO or Instructor. Do you like what you do? Is it a better pay scale than Medic? How long were you an EMT-P before considering the role in EMS?
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    Roll call: which state are you all located in?

    Currently, Texas but husband and I are working on heading to Portland/Beaverton Oregon area. The desert and heat is just not good for his health.
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    Thoughts on being a Medic/RN

    As someone who's 49 it's not just your age. Some of us were just not wired to sit at a desk or on a computer.
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    Is 56 too old to become an EMT?

    I'm going to second what Knuckles said. Check out all of the community colleges in your area. There are schedules that will fit around yours. For example, our local EMT B program has a schedule where courses are either one full day of classes or two days a week. Then the EMT P program is a...
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    Is 56 too old to become an EMT?

    I'm glad someone asked this question. I'm 49 and am planning to start certification at hopefully 51. I've worked six years in social services (homeless) dealing with security issues and first aid/CPR. I found out I like helping people/training people more than enforcing rules. So it's good to...