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  • Im currently an EMT B student in Oakland County Michigan. (started Jan 2010) I plan to finish within 2.5 years with an Associates Degree
    and EMT-P/Firefighter.

    I would love to do some ride alongs in South East Michigan and Oakland County & attend any workshops or conferences in my tri-state area. Michigan/Ohio/Indiana.

    I am very interested in getting additional knowledge and skills/certifications.
    Some of the areas that I have interest in (besides EMTP/Firefighter) are:
    1. SAR
    2. USAR - TF-1 type of stuff.
    3. Diving and water rescue.
    4. ABSOLUTELY ANY TYPE OF DISASTER RESCUE. . THATS WHY I CHOSE THIS FIELD. perhaps I should look into information with Homeland Security.

    I hope to move my family to the Pacific North West when my studies are complete. I need to line up some research so I can jump on a right opportunity. I will have to have a job before moving, so Ambulance Transport will work for starters.

    Thanks and Take Care,
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