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    Triage Nurse From Hell

    The last sentence in my posts should have read.."I do NOT want to be rude..." I think I might kill her with kindness too and maybe overkill it a bit. I get the feeling she has a superiority issue going on. I mean we are all there for the same purpose..we all work together. I dont...
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    Triage Nurse From Hell

    Hi everyone..I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on what they would do to deal with a nurse with a stick up her butt. The ER she works in is a level 2 trauma center in our tiny state of RI and it seems like every time I bring a patient in, she has something to say about something. One of...
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    NREMT 'Transition'

    In RI we have something similar...we learned out of 99 and medic books but were elidgible to take our state EMT-Cardiac test. We do things beyond what a 99 is able to do and many of our skills and meds are what medics usually do, but when calling the NR to see what NR test I could take....I can...
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    EMT-I85 Practice Tests

    Anyone know where I can find an EMT-I85 practice exam online that is FREE? I know in our vast network of professionals...that someone must know of a few places. Help!!
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    Vitals Signs....

    In RI, it's pretty much expected to get a's even a Basic skill...not that it's that tough to do. My main reasoning for doing all of that for my vitals is this: a PT could be saying one thing for a cheif complaint, but could be hiding something. FR example...75 yo male fell in the...
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    Vitals Signs....

    I have a question for everyone. I got into a 'debate' the other day about what were appropriate vitals signs to take and when. My position is that automatically you usually take..BP, HR, RR, Glucose, pupil, LS, SPO2, EKG, and temp for just about every patient. It was argued that it is complete...
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    NREMT I85 study materials

    Yes I know this certification is going away soon and is going to be replaced. Be that as it may, I am still lined up to take that test. I have a current state certification as a 'cardiac' EMT that is only recognized in RI, but in the case I have to move out of state, I want something to show for...
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    Football Helmets

    Akulahawk is an EMS provider, it would be great if you took the time to introduce yourself to the athletic trainer and team physician for the games you are at. Chances are, those people are so busy with pregame stuff that they dont have time to stop by and chit chat. Its never a bad...
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    Football Helmets

    I will tell you an athletic trainer (for 12 years) and EMT-Cardiac (RI ALS) at the Division I NCAA level...there is not a team physician at this level or in the pros that will allow you to remove the helmet in the case of a football player going down..UNLESS there is an airway issue...
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    Head Trauma - Contraindication for Nitro?

    In RI, nitro is contraindicated for anyone with a SBP under 90. For Basics, it is a med control med for the pt's nitro, for ALS, its a standing order for anyone with SBP over 90 with an IV established and a SBP over 150 without IV and it does not need to be the pt's own. As far as I know, a head...
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    Treated my first pt tonight ... as a whacker.

    You helped a little girl in is that a whacker? Good job and be patient..good things will happen. It took me over a year to establish a position in the vollie service.
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    Thanks everyone for the resources. I am going to talk to my house and look into these. I appreciate the help.
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    CPR AHA vs Red Cross?

    There is no real difference. Maybe the ratios or counting might be off, but other than that, you are still doing chest compressions and breathing for them. I have never had an AHA cert and I am actually a Red Cross instructor. It use to be that everyone wanted to do AHA because you only needed...
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    Just have a quick question about funding and applying for grants. I work with a vollie service and, of course, we are strapped for cash. The town gives us money, but that's for operating costs...not equipment. We are 100% volunteer (no paid call) and was wondering what resources you all had...
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    Duty to Act Info

    Does anyone know if Rhode Island has a Duty to Act law? I cant seem to find it anywhere.