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    Kettlebells - Anyone else out there using them?

    Agreed on the crossfit and kettlebells. Best overall workout system Ive ever done. If you cant afford the kettlebells, dumbell swings work good also.
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    Academy Training (Fire)

    The best overall training for FF, Law Enforcement, Military..ect hands down is crossfit. I wish I would have started going to a crossfit gym before I went throught the Academy,(a year ago) I would have been smokin most of the guys..Look at the site, and google to see...
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    Being an EMT is scary!

    I hope you and your class are not planning on going through medic school then.. Being cautious and smart about what we do in the field is okay...but the way you're talking, sounds like you may need to rethink your career field.
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    Faces behind the post

    Hallo! Im new to the fourm. Here's a pic from the Fire Academy last December..oh how I miss those days:sad: *I also had the pleasure of going through Medic school with 'BLSboy' from this forum, so I know all his dirty secrets:P*
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    exercise blahs

    Do you have a crossfit gym near you? You want to talk about never getting bored with working out, and staying motivated..crossfit is it. You work out as a group, and the trainers really push you. Once you try crossfit you'll never want to go back to a regular gym. Im hookedB)
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Hello! Im a part time bartender, certified Firefighter, and recent graduate of Paramedic school (patienly waiting for my approval to take my state exam:wacko:) I have my first interview with a Fire Department tomorrow, so Im hoping that all goes well! Saw some good info on this site, so I...