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  • Yea I remember....I'm pretty sure that WA has no duty to act. I think it would be best to check with ff on this one, the forum leader. I'll get back with you. Might be a day or so, I'll be on and off airplanes all day tomorrow, but I'll find out.

    So far as I can tell thru my research and thru the input of several knowledgable washingtonians on this site, WA has no Duty to Act laws.
    Hmmmmm......good one. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

    For me it is not so much an issue. I am pretty much always on duty. I am a resident volunteer in my fire district so I am on 24-7 when I am in the district. And if I am not in the district, I am probaly working at my amb service. The only time I am not on is when I leave the district like on vacation or when I run into the city.

    I will stop and help out if it is apparent that death or any long term damage to health will occor if I didn't step in and they had to wait for on duty EMS.

    But I will find you an answer
    Oh hey, I just saw your comment for me. It is on your own page. lol

    The east side definatly rocks. (Even though we have to slave under the west side's government........nother issuse entirely)

    No, I am not on the Res, thank God! I live in the county. The closest res is across Lake Roosevelt. My amb service covers part of it.
    Oh yeah, for sure, I could never live on the West side. I love all the green and trees there, but the congestion would get to me right away.

    Are you on the reservation?
    Don't even worry about late reply. This is an Internet forum and family defiantly comes first. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    I'm in Colville, WA. It is about 70 miles north of Spokane, 50 miles south of Canada and 30 miles west of Idaho. So pretty much it is "out there". Eastern WA rocks though and inky opinion will blow the other side out of the water any day. (although I love the ocean..........) ;-)

    Take care.
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