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    AMR Rancho Cucamonga

    When I applied at Rancho I also applied at Riverside, Victorville, Redlands, Palmsprings. After getting the email saying I wasnt a candidate for Rancho about a week later Jessica the HR lady called me and told me there was an interview available for Riverside. I didnt have to do the written test...
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    AMR Rancho Cucamonga

    It took me about a year and a half before I was contacted by HR for an interview. I interviewed at AMR Rancho last year but didnt make the cut. I was hired at another AMR division though. When I interviewed it was with 2 people and they switched off every question they asked me like 6. AMR...
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    Care Ambulance didn't get hired

    Yeah CARE wont take over our area. I will continue to rock my AMR patch here in Riverside ^_^
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    Ca Ambulance DL

    Ive been having all types of problems with my CA ambulance drivers certificate. I got my temporary 7/30/12 and after a few months of not getting it I went to the DMV where they said it apparently got "lost" so they made me do my finger prints again and take the damn test again. This was...
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    AMR Riverside/Hemet

    I'll answer your question here instead of PM in case anyone else wanted to know. I was part time up until a week ago. I was a part timer for maybe a month. (mind you I was hired barely 3 months ago) I picked up 3 shifts a week 4 maybe but that was pushing it. For example 4th of July week I...
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    AMR Riverside/Hemet

    All I know is we have had a new hire orientation class every 2 weeks for the last month or so. I think since I was hired they have at least hired 100 more PT employees no doubt about that. I was scared about not being able to pick up shifts so I switched to FT because after all those new hires...
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    Socal part time for Experienced Paramedic

    This is the damn truth. I was talking to some Rancho and Victorville guys they almost spit out their coffee when I told them I was making 2 more dollars and hour than them lol.
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    Socal part time for Experienced Paramedic

    Yea and pay isnt bad either :)
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    Socal part time for Experienced Paramedic

    Im part time. Its amazing how many open shifts get paged out daily. Easily 6+ shifts a day it seems like.
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    Socal part time for Experienced Paramedic

    My AMR division hired 26 people and my orientation class had over 30 people in it. We have easily over 500 employees between the North and South division.
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    How long did it take EMT-B's to get their 1st job?

    I'm pretty sure you did. Congrats and ask lots of questions :)
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    IFT to 911 Los Angeles County?

    AMR hired tons and tons of EMT's and Medics last month. There was a lot of medics in my orientation class I think about 19 medics. My orientation class was a disgusting 35+ lol... They had to split EVOC into two groups. Some EMT's had experience some others had 0 EMS experience. They do hire...
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    Amr email

    Yea I would definitely NOT show up unless you get an invitation to test etc. They have a list with your names to stop people from doing what you thought of doing. It has happened in the past. I was on their wait list for 15 months before I got an Interview with them. Today I finished the...
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    AMR Stanislaus.

    hm I wonder if you're in my orientation class. This is the last week including evoc. 26 people were hired and we have another orientation class lined up in 2 weeks. Its nuts!
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    How good is your AMR division?

    No way what part of Lake Havasu are you going to? lol. I have a buddy that works for River Medical AMR and he lives right around the corner from the London bridge. He knows all the cool spots to go to like coves etc. It gets pretty dangerous in the summer though like you said people...