This Scenario Caught Me Off Guard


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We did a scenario in class to emphasize scene saftey one evening. Our instructor had us all go outside without us knowing what was going on.
We all stood outside, confused as all hell. The she had us form a line in front of the entrance. One by one she let us in.
We had no instruction on what to do, nor that it was a scenario. We just went in. I was third in line and I walked in and looked around me. I noticed first that one of the instructors who was helping was inside and I asked, "is the scene safe?". He said, "I don't know" and I kept walking. I saw that in the closet there was a person who was pretending to be injured, and next to him was a bunch of power tools and frayed wires. The scene was not safe I mentally noted and then I said that and was let on into the room where the first two who went in were waiting.
Of our class, two people failed this excersize because they were too eager to go in.
It was a simple thing, but it is important and our class didn't forget, especially the ones who failed.
If your hurt or dead, you cannot help anyone. End of story.